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Visualization + Graphics

Interactive landscape (Flash)

Architectural visualisation

Visual simulations of various architectural projects, made on command.

Depending on the demand, I can create a whole realistic scene based on provided architectural drawings, or insert an architectural project within an actual photography.


Some customers even employ our collaboration as a design-proofing tool, since having their project iteratively visualized allows them to further perfect its design.

Bringing a project to life before it is built is truly a kind of magic :)

Graphic design

Various designs and illustrations I've been working on lately.

ABACAB (short film)

ABACAB is a short animated film project produced in 2008 as a graduation work for the Computer arts master class (MISAC) at the Université M. Bloch Strasbourg (France).

The short film is entirely computer-animated. Its purpose is to demonstrate the student's capacity at conceiving, elaborating, producing and presenting a complete audiovisual product, which is to become a main piece in a future professional portfolio.

ABACAB is intended as the first episode of a series of short films (each about 2 minutes long).


The series would put on the scene DZVER, a small and extraordinary imaginary character, in a very trivial environment - on the top of a desk. 


The episodes would relate a succession of humoristic adventures based, among other, upon the difference of scale between the main character and its surroundings, that allows it to behave in a very uncommon way in an otherwise ordinary environment. DZVER has also some extraordinary abilties, allowing him sometimes to alter the nature and purpose of objects around him, even to give them life of their own.


The affection, nonchalance and occasional mischief emanating from the protagonist contribute to a light and playing atmosphere. 


ABACAB relates the first appearance of  DZVER on the desktop and his first (mis)adventure involving a somewhat over-aggressive stapler.  


The film was presented in viva voce to a board of four examiners and a public, and was accompanied by a written dissertation.

On the left, you can see the film itself, along with two short animations ( 'Sabotage' and 'Dzver ex infernis' ) introducing the DZVER character, as well as a few still images and concept drawings for ABACAB.      

view the paper
(in French)

Commercial clip for a watch brand

A fictionnal advertisement for watch brand PIERRE LANNIER made during an Adobe After Effects CS3 workshop in Masterclass ISAC2 (2008)

Websites and banners

Various works made for Flash, Photoshop and XSI workshops during Masterclass ISAC2 (2008, Strasbourg university):


Banners (fictionnal ads)

Personnal homepage concept

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