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About me

Hi! I'm Stefan Stoyanov, architect and visual artist.

I was born in 1982 in Sofia, Bulgaria, where I currently live and work.

I graduated from the School of Architecture in Strasbourg (France) in 2007 and from the Computer Arts Master class of the University of Strasbourg in 2008, and later on specialized in architectural heritage preservation.

I'm currently freelancing as an architect, visual artist and heritage specialist.

I'm quite interested in everything related to architecture and space design, graphical and 3D design, animation and special effects, but also in history and heritage, photography, music and sound engineering.

In my rather scarce free time, I enjoy playing, composing or simply listening to music, reading books (sci-fi and fantasy, among others), playing computer games or simply going out for a bike ride in the countryside with my family or friends.

Some people I've worked for:

Manufacturer of artificial climbing walls, Sofia (Bulgaria)

Visual Studio, Strasbourg (France)

Architectural studio, Strasbourg (France)

Architectural studio, Strasbourg (France)

in the Press: : "Стефан Стоянов, Сдружение Мещра: Вдъхновението е моментен пристъп на гениалност и късмет"
(in bulgarian) : "Построй ми къщата на прадядо"
(in bulgarian)

Bulgarian National Radio : "Разказ за магията на село Долен и хората там"
(audio interview, in bulgarian) : "Как няколко семейства и архитекти опитват да съживят родопското село Долен"
(in bulgarian) : "Архитектите от група “Мещра” и нетрадиционната им идея да съхраняват вече създаденото"
(in bulgarian)

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